2022 Texas Challenge Cup

Welcome to the 2022 Texas Challenge Cup

Hosted by Lakewood Yacht Club

December 10-11, 2022


This invitational event is open to the Texas clubs below.

Register HERE early to indicate your club's intention to attend and receive updates. Payment and crew names are not required at the time of registration.

2022 Invitation List

Austin Yacht Club

Corpus Christi Yacht Club

Corinthian Sailing Club

Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club

Fort Worth Boat Club

Galveston Bay Cruising Association

Houston Yacht Club

Lake Canyon Yacht Club

Lakewood Yacht Club

Rush Creek Yacht Club

Texas Corinthian Yacht Club

Viridian Sailing Center


Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions posted 9/25/2022

Entry List and Results will be posted here


The Texas Challenge Cup dates to 1986 when it was first held at TCYC. That year, nine clubs competed on Solings. The event was held by HYC and LYC over the following three years but was then not repeated until 2001 when it was resurrected. By 2005, the event included clubs throughout Texas as well as GBCA, HYC, LYC, and TCYC. Sometime after, the tradition was paused again until 2021.

2021 Texas Challenge Cup at Lakewood Yacht Club, December 11, 2021