2021 Texas Challenge Cup

The Texas Challenge Cup dates to 1986 when it was first held at TCYC. That year, nine clubs competed on Solings. The event was held by HYC and LYC over the following three years but was then not repeated until 2001 when it was resurrected. By 2005, the event included clubs throughout Texas as well as GBCA, HYC, LYC, and TCYC. Sometime after, the tradition was paused again, until now . . .

Welcome to the 2021 Texas Challenge Cup

Hosted by Lakewood Yacht Club

December 11, 2021


Entry List (as of 12/2/21)

  • AYC : Chris Lewis, Spencer LeGrande, Ethan Froelich, and Fiona Froelich

  • CCYC : Chris Corley, Scott Mears, Greg Turman

  • CSC : Tom Miller, Mark Babb, Paul Miller, and Rachel Mittman

  • FWBC : Bryan Dyer, Conner Fullerton, Jim Mitchell, Mike Schwinn

  • GBCA : Allie Cribbs, Kevin Orff,

  • HYC : Billy Richnow, Robert Williams, Pat Gibson

  • LCYC : Fred Soward, Chris Powers, Buddy Byington

  • LYC : Casey Lambert, Jesse Fulmer, Evan Smith, Giorgio Martelli

  • RCYC : Bill Draheim, David Hoye, Ashleigh Hoye, and Justin Adams

  • TCYC : Gary Ross, Carter Perrin, Gary Ross, Gerard Coleman, Clark Thompson